Utilizing synergistic resources of both institutions to support and grow research capacity, the Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology (CCOB) at Texas A&M University (TAMU) College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the Texas Heart Institute (THI) recruits additional top-notch scientists, entrepreneurs and industry partners to accomplish its goals. This includes:

  • Predicting disease onset earlier to allow earlier intervention (diagnostics);
  • Developing personalized cell and gene therapies to prevent chronic disease progression;
  • Novel therapeutics to treat tissue and organ injury
  • Reversing chronic diseases associated with aging.

CCOB FacultyDoris Taylor

We are enhancing educational opportunities in the biomedical sciences and building a high-quality work force in Texas in the field of regenerative medicine.

By bringing together molecular and cell biologists, engineers, physiologists, clinicians and entrepreneurs, the CCOB takes a multi-faceted approach to preventing, diagnosing, and treating chronic disease for both human and veterinary patients.

Our faculty members work collaboratively to advance the CCOB mission of improving human and veterinary health by developing, testing, and commercializing disruptive cell and organ biotechnologies and molecular tools. CCOB faculty members are full and active participants in training the next generation of regenerative medicine scientists, including a broad, inter-disciplinary variety of clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, veterinarians, cell biologists, physiologists, and bioengineers.

CCOB Faculty & Trainee Activities

  • Designing and conducting research projects aimed at developing innovative new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
  • Applying for grant support and publishing articles related to CCOB research.
  • Organizing and/or coordinating symposia, workshops, classes, and other educational programs for healthcare professionals, industry leaders, students, and/or the public at large.
  • Working with industry experts to speed CCOB technologies to the marketplace.

Educational Opportunities

  • Postdoctoral positions in CCOB research laboratories.
  • The CCOB Scholars Program, supporting graduate students working under the supervision of CCOB faculty and staff.
  • An ongoing CCOB-Innovation Kitchen space at TAMU or THI designed to stimulate creativity, innovation, problem solving and entrepreneurship while introducing CCOB trainees to the emerging fields of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and integrative biosciences.

Innovation Kitchen

The Innovation Kitchen laboratory is designed with an eye toward the commercialization of innovative new ideas, inventions, and/or products that address real-world problems. This laboratory is a fully equipped BL-2 laboratory within the CVM and staffed by experts within the CCOB.

Shared Laboratory Resources at the Texas Heart Institute (THI) in Houston

Shared Laboratory Resources at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) in College Station

Texas A&M System Core Laboratory Resources

* A TETF-funded program that works with several biotech companies in the state who ether have ETF funding or are applying for it (relationships with Bio Sciences, Luminex, Asuragen, Altogen Labs, and Lab7). Work with companies around the world and are involved in their product development and commercialization pipelines.

Commercialization Resources available to the CCOB